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Underwriters Exchange Building
Transformation to Streetcar Flats

About this Historical Preservation Project

The Underwriters Exchange Building, also known as the Association of Commerce Building, is a nine-story brick building designed by architects Rosman & Wierdsma and built by Robert L. Reisinger & Co. in 1923. The building was completed in 1924, and additions were completed in 1926.

The building was part of a nationwide trend of sprouting insurance exchange buildings, led by Chicago, Illinois, in 1912, San Francisco, California, in 1913, and followed by Des Moines, Iowa, and Boston, Massachusetts, in 1923. The idea was to have several insurance companies under one roof to separate the insurance industry’s interests.

Learn more about the historical significance behind Milwaukee’s Underwriters Exchange Building

Catapult Real Estate Solutions

Project Developer

Catapult is a real estate firm from Chicago, Illinois, that concentrates in the management of intricate urban development projects, commercial and residential brokerage and receivership. The firm has a reputation for “getting things done” thanks to years of profitable development, engineering, law, and banking.

Their expert team is devoted to accomplishing your real estate goals through personalized project management services. Catapult works as a strategic consultant and main point-of-contact to create a successful plan and ensure its execution. The close, unified method improves cooperation in an efficient manner that reduces risk and disagreement.
Learn more about Catapult Real Estate Solutions and adaptive resource construction

Founders 3

Property Management

Founders 3 started with a vision to “dramatically elevate the level of service in the commercial real estate market.” The heads of Commercial Property Associates, Inc., RFP Commercial, Inc., and Siegel-Gallagher Management Company met to talk about how they could merge their different schools of marketing knowledge into one outstanding real estate authority.
Today, Founders 3 offers unparalleled proficiency and unmatched perspective, drive, and service in the commercial real estate industry. The consolidation has answers for all needs; whether a client is looking for advice in a specific area, or a long-term associate for a sophisticated project. The real estate firm’s mission is “to come together to deliver the extraordinary value and prosperity our clients deserve.”

Learn more about Founders 3 in the company overview and client testimonials.

Orlandini Studios

Plaster Master

Orlandini Studios has been crafting and restoring ornamental plaster since 1936. As third generation owner, Eugene has almost 40 years of experience, possessing the necessary expertise to carry out any plasterwork.

He has held resolute standards of quality and meticulous attention to detail, while also incorporating new techniques acquired from cement casters and painters over the past two decades.

Streetcar Flats is thrilled to have Euguene and his team working on the crown molding. Read the full article about Orlandini and visit their website.


Learn More About Streetcar Flats

Dive into our blog to read more about living in Downtown Milwaukee and Streetcar Flats’
prime location in the historic Underwriters Exchange Building!

Fiserv Forum
Discover Milwaukee

Fiserv Forum

Fiserv Forum is the newest arena in Downtown Milwaukee. More specifically, in the Deer District. Home to the Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette University Golden Eagles, Read More »

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Rental Criteria

One Adult – Gross income must meet or exceed 3 times the apartment rental rate. Roommates – The combined gross income must meet or exceed 3 times the apartment rental rate. If you are self-employed or retired, you must provide your most recent tax filing or consecutive bank statements from the past six (6) months to verify your income.

Your credit score must meet or exceed six hundred fifty (650). You will automatically be denied rental if any monies are owed to a previous landlord or management company. If you owned a home and it has been foreclosed upon, you will be denied rental. If you have been sued in an attempt to obtain a monetary judgment against you within the last five (5) years you will be denied rental. If you have a monetary judgment against you that is older than five (5) years you must have legally satisfied that judgment or you will be denied rental.

A verifiable history of apartment rental or mortgage payments. If there is no verifiable housing and you are a first-time renter, a Guarantor will be required, along with a security deposit of one (1) month’s rent. Any previous eviction judgment is an automatic basis for rejection of an application. Any negative reference from a prior landlord will cause you to be denied rental.

OCCUPANCY STANDARDS Maximum limits are as follows:

  • Studio: 2 individuals maximum
  • 1 Bedroom: 2 individuals maximum
  • 2 Bedroom: Not to exceed 4 individuals with no more than 3 unrelated adults
  • 3 Bedroom: Not to exceed 6 individuals with no more than 3 unrelated adults o
    • Children under the age of 2 are not included in the calculation


Should an applicant not qualify in terms of credit history, the applicant, at the discretion of the landlord, may have the lease guaranteed by another party. Guarantor(s) must meet or exceed the rental criteria as stated above.

Each Guarantor must provide sufficient income verification equal to three (3) times the amount of the rent to guarantee the apartment rental.

If applicant has been convicted of illegally manufacturing or distributing a controlled substance as defined in sec. 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802) their application will be denied.

If applicant is subject to a state lifetime sex offender registration program their application will be denied.

If applicant has not been otherwise disqualified based on the above factors, and the applicant has been convicted of a felony or released from custody or supervision for a felony conviction, whichever occurred later, within the last six years, or a misdemeanor within the last three years, and the crime shows a demonstrable risk to tenant safety and/or property, their application may be denied after consideration of the nature and severity of the crime, the applicant’s age at the time of the conduct, and the amount of time that has passed since the criminal conduct occurred. Other factors may be considered on a case by case basis. Applicant shall provide any mitigating information or documentation that he or she would like to be considered regarding any criminal convictions.

*If management is unable to verify any information on your rental application, including but not limited to your prior rental history and employment, you will be denied rental. If you misrepresent your application information, you will be denied rental.

Date Started Using: May 16, 2023